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null The importance of mental health in companies

The importance of mental health in companies

We're spending more and more time at the office or performing job-related activities, and this can take its toll on our health.
Work is undeniably one of the most important parts of people's lives. We're spending more and more time at the office or performing job-related activities, and this can take its toll on our health. As a result, the importance of mental in companies is becoming increasingly evident.
Companies are becoming ever more aware of this and beginning to provide their employees with the well-being help they need.

Why do companies need to foster good mental health?
Work-related stress, anxiety and more complex conditions such as depression are being more frequently identified in organisations, and they’re some of the principal reasons for people having to take time off work. As a result, the need to look after mental health in companies has become increasingly vital.

But why is it so important? Let’s find out!


•    It’s been shown that people with good mental health are significantly more productive and efficient, with considerably higher levels of performance.

•    Looking after mental health within companies involves reducing risk factors at work for employees, which will improve the emotional well-being of everyone.

•    If your employees feel listened to, understood and valued, they’ll try to repay that same trust into their work.

•    From a company’s perspective, attending to these aspects can have an enormously positive impact on fostering motivated and productive employees. In turn, they’ll be more likely to achieve their goals.

Recommendations on how to foster good mental health in companies

•    Psychological support should be available to all company staff when needed, and spaces or activities should be set up to help them unwind

•    Managers and senior managers should be trained to lead, but also to guide and support the people they're in charge of to prevent any mental health issues from arising.

•    These managers should also receive emotional support themselves, as they're often under high levels of stress.

•    One of the best pieces of advice for fostering good mental health in companies, but at the same time one of the most difficult to achieve, is knowing how to differentiate between the personal sphere and the work sphere. You should try to separate the emotions generated by each area of your life. Don't take your work problems home with you and vice versa.

•    Stop seeing it as taboo to talk about how you’re feeling at work for fear of being excluded or misunderstood. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved! 

•    Act quickly if potential bullying or work-related issues arise that can have an impact on the mental health of employees in the company.

•    Improve work processes to try and optimise time by constantly motivating employees.

•    Foster constant communication between employees and management.

Although good mental health in companies is of course hugely important for them to function well, we can’t forget about protecting and caring for our mental and emotional health in other areas of our lives too. Finding a good work-life balance and working on overall good mental health can be life-changing.


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