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Caser Yavoiyó

Save on travel, time and money
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Caser Yavoiyó

Yavoi, an innovative insurance for your second home



Are you going, or Yavoi?

Do you have a leak in your house at the beach?

Yavoiyó servicios

We’ll go to solve the problem for you

Don't want to spend the first day of your holiday cleaning up?

Yavoiyó servicios

Cleaning or check on your second home included

Would you like to know if everything is ok in your home?

Yavoiyó servicios

Save time and money on travel

Are you worried about squatters in your home?

Yavoiyó servicios

Legal advice and defence against illegal occupation


With Yavoi you can solve everything from the comfort of your sofa and with just one call.
Yavoi will go so you don’t have to.


Would you like to avail of all these services?

Contact us for your very own customised quote.

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