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null Common illnesses in Summer and how to prevent them

Common illnesses in Summer and how to prevent them

Summer is a time to relax and disconnect from routine, but does that mean that we have to suffer certain inconveniences? The reality is that, as in any other period of the year, we are exposed to certain ailments that can affect our holidays. 
Do you want to know what some of the common summer illnesses are and how to prevent them? Take note!

How can I prevent the most common summer illnesses?
It is clear that most ailments can occur throughout the year. However, there are also some illnesses that are more likely to manifest themselves during the summer months, due to weather conditions, exposing more skin, changes in diet, etc.


Cold water shock

We must demystify a common myth about cold water shock or ‘digestive shock’, because according to specialists, it does not exist as such. It is not a digestive problem, but a circulatory problem.

“Thermo-differential shock” problems occur due to the strong temperature contrast between our body and immersion in cold water. For example, doing an intense sporting activity or sunbathing and jumping into the water abruptly.

The recommendation is to get into the water gradually and try to regulate our body temperature beforehand by getting into the shade.

Heatstroke or hyperthermia
As a result of the extreme heat during these months, the body is prone to absorbing more heat than it expels, which causes it to be subjected to very high temperatures. To avoid running any risks, the best thing to do is to cool down from time to time, stay well hydrated, avoid very long exposure to the sun and protect our bodies with sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, etc.

Insect bites or other animal bites 
They are not illnesses as such, but you should be prepared for them, as they are very annoying and can cause more serious problems. Use insect repellents, ointments or put mosquito nets on your windows. In the case of stings from jellyfish, spiderfish or similar sea creatures, I advise you to wash the area well with sea water, apply cold ice and go to a doctor quickly.

Sunburns and allergic reactions 
Very common during the summer months. Our skin is much more exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time, which causes skin reactions and burns that, if not treated properly, can become more serious It is advisable to use adequate sun protection every few hours and to avoid the hours when the sun is at its strongest.

Dehydration and food poisoning  
During the summer, we are exposed to high temperatures, we sweat more and lose more body water. For this reason, we must insist on staying well hydrated so that our body can replenish itself. Food poisoning is also common, as we eat food that may be spoiled by the heat or that has not been properly treated. Be careful not to drink contaminated water, take care of your diet, wash your food and maintain good hand hygiene.

Otitis and conjunctivitis
When we swim at the beach or in the pool, we like to dive or open our eyes underwater. As a result, we are probably more prone to developing this type of infection. Otitis can be prevented by drying your ears well when you get out of the water or by using earplugs. Conjunctivitis can be prevented by wearing diving goggles, avoiding opening your eyes underwater, controlling the length of time you wear contact lenses or applying artificial drops to prevent dry eyes.

Other issues to watch out for
•    Fungal infections such as fungus or athlete's foot, caused by walking barefoot in contaminated areas. Therefore, avoid walking barefoot, especially on wet floors or in public places.
•    Cystitis and pharyngitis. Due to sudden changes in temperature. In the case of cystitis, it is caused by spending too long in wet swimwear. Try to wear dry clothes when you get out of the water and avoid the direct impact of air conditioning, as well as the consumption of very cold or hot food.
•    Sexually transmitted diseases. In summer there is more sporadic sex, so the risk of contracting sporadic sexually transmitted diseases increases. Use appropriate protection.
Have you ever suffered from any of these common summer illnesses? It is important to pay attention, both to ourselves and to our environment, to avoid as far as possible that any of them can harm us. Follow the recommendations of specialists and these tips to prevent them and don't let anything spoil your holidays!


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